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Fraud Protection In Your Hands

Analyze Your Risk Vulnerability

We analyze different data points to determine a Risk Score that gives an indication of your vulnerability to fraudulent threats. The score is based on the count and risk level of different categories of online frauds.

Get notified on the go

We protect you from a wide range of cyber frauds and will immediately alert you if we find any suspicious activity.

Fraud SMS Alert

We use AI-powered technology to detect fraud SMSes received on your phone.

Phishing Fraud Alert

We notify you whenever you click a malicious link from an SMS/Email/WhatsApp/Website or manually enter it on the browser.

UPI Fraud Alert

We will monitor all UPI “Collect” money requests received via QR code so you can transact with legitimate merchants or individuals.

SIM Swap Alert

We proactively detect any attempts made to upgrade your SIM to 4G or to e-SIM without your knowledge.

Privacy Scan

We scan the permissions requested by newly installed or existing apps on your mobile phone and alert you if they have the potential to exploit your privacy.

OTP Fraud Alert

We will prevent any attempts to hack your bank or digital wallet accounts by alerting you to not share OTP messages on call with unknown persons.

Spot Any Fraudulent Transactions

We provide a summarized view of your transactions and also send you an “End-of-Day” email notification so you can quickly identify any suspicious transactions and report them to your bank at the right time.

Report Frauds Right Away

We guide you through step-by-step instructions to report any frauds to your bank and cyber cell. Timely reporting can help recover any financial losses from frauds.

Contact Support with one click

Our friendly customer service agents are just a tap away using in-app messaging feature. If you incur any financial loss, we’ll help you resolve it with expert guidance and a dedicated case manager from start to finish, all while being covered by our cyber insurance up to ₹5 lakh1.

1Stolen Funds Reimbursement with a limit of up to ₹5 lakh is available for Premium members only. Refer Terms & Conditions